Friday, February 18, 2011

Learning and Improving

It is amazing to me that I have not updated in such a long time! Funny how life catches you and drags you along! The last few months have been full and busy. Lots still the same and lots still changing.
Coy is growing into a BIG BOY! We can't believe how far he has come and all of his little accomplishments! We find ourselves laughing out loud at him constantly! Here are some of the fun things that he is up to:

* Making animal noises - mooo, baaa, meow, ssss!

* Getting kicked out of daycare at the gym for biting :)


* Playing with his blocks

*LOOOOVING tubby time

*Eating by himself

* Watching Sesame Street - Elmo is his FAV

Robbie is working so hard and keeping busy constantly! If he is not at work, then he is at school, or helping the scouts, or playing basketball! We love it when "dada" is home! Coy loves to play with him... especially basketball!

I am keeping busy running around after my little man, working, going to the gym, and most recently started an online writing class to help me to develop some creative writing skills! I have always loved to write and I thought that it would be helpful to learn some critical skills so that I can keep improving. Afterall, isn't that what life is all about? Learning and Improving?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pioneer Day 10k

Part of our 24th of July tradition is running the Pioneer Day 10k each year! This year it was so much fun! My mom and I ran and both shaved off time from our last event and felt so good! The morning was beautiful and we were so lucky to have the opportunity to run the race!

Our sweet families were there to meet us at the end! What troopers for waking up so early to come and cheer us on!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lake Powell-arama 2010!! Our fourth of July weekend started with quite the adventure! Who knew that a drive to Lake Powell could be so exciting!? While traveling down the ol' 15, we suddenly saw a display of fireworks coming from the trailer in front of us. Although we hoped that the display was some sort of celebratory firework, we all stopped in horror to see that the tire of the jet ski trailer that Grammy Alley and Grandpa Rob were towing had flown off into the pond on the side of the road. As we pulled over, expecting to see them do the same, we were astonished and panicked to see them continue driving. After some intense cell phone calls, they pulled over about a half mile down the road... angels guiding them the whole way (i am convinced). As Robbie talked to his dad about how to get help out to the middle of nowhere the call was interrupted as he told his dad he needed to call 911 because there was a small brush fire that had started just a few yards back from the sparks that the trailer was shooting! When we said we wanted fireworks for the fourth of July we were NOT expecting this kind!! After getting the trailer and all members of the party safely to the nearest exit we patiently awaited AAA - Hip Hip Hooray for AAA!!!

The biggest hiccup in the trip was over, just one more small one... a tiny hole that was punctured into the bow of the boat when the semi driver accidentally hit the break instead of the gas while towing the houseboat to the dock. So after a quick welding job and some patience by all of us eager boaters we were on our way.

The rest of the trip turned out just lovely. See for yourself...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Family Outing...

On Friday night after playing around the house...

...we decided that it was time for a family outing! That being decided, we headed up to Park City to see what we could find in our beautiful world.

(All ready to go!!)

The night was wonderful and so was the drive... Everything was so crisp and fresh! Once we got there, Coy FOUND a helicopter that he quite enjoyed! Who knew that PC had so many fun toys for him!?!

Dad FOUND a new hat! (Coy wanted one too!!
But it was too big!
I FOUND smiles on my babies faces! The BEST FIND of all!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's explore...

Welcome baby Rylee! We have waited so long for you and are so happy to have our first little cousin for Coy. Coy and Rylee have already spent some time together and Rylee has already spared a few tears at Coys expense - he doesn't understand that baby girls have bows in their hair for decoration, not as toys for little Coy cousins!

Grammy Alley helping Coy eat his very own cracker! Coy loves his Grammy soooo much!

It's a big world out there, time to explore...

Coy met his Chinese Great Grandpa for the first time! He couldn't wait to get a hold of his beard!!

Speaking of getting a hold of hair...

Still exploring...

Coy got some money from his other great grandpa and bought bubbles, a ball, and a truck!! Robbie was more excited about the bubbles than Coy and kept telling me to watch him while he did tricks!

Just a little thought....

There is nothing in this world better than a best friend, and I feel so lucky to have married mine. I know it sounds cliche, but Robbie is my perfect match. I love to laugh with him and talk with him. He is always so supportive of me and my goals and ambitions, and I truly appreciate his generosity and love.

Robbie is a wonderful father and works so hard every day... and it does NOT go unnoticed.
I love you Robbie... thank you for being my angel!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Robbie's birthday started off with a dud... The day of his birthday he woke up with a mean sore throat and stuffy nose - but this party animal wasn't going to let these minor aches stop him!!

We spent the day with families and by the end of the night we were tuckered out! Robbie got some cash from his parents, and some new shoes from mine. I gave him some shirts and shorts, a book about bbq'ing, and some new undies... tee hee!

As tradition would have it, my parents took the family out for Birthday dinner. At the request of the birthday boy, we ended up at Benihana.

Little Coy woke up with an earache in both ears that morning, so it was a rough night for him - but he managed to make it through - and was completely enamored with the chef and his great talent!

Sissy and I sat next to each other - she is such a great sissy and I had such a fun time with her.

Robbie and I loved spending time with one another and with my family. Robbie's favorite thing to do is eat... and what better place to do it than at yummy Benihana! When the waitress asked if we wanted ice cream - I said no - and Robbie said I would have a scoop of strawberry - which he ended up eating for me - clever little bug. He blew out his candle... great action shot, if I may say so myself.

What a fun night with our little family!!

Now that the birthday is over Coy has been busy bouncing in his swing...

All smiles and ready to play...

Happy Birthday Robbie! Love you Always!!